A nice home for big family

The high quality and spacey family house

What if you and your family will live at pure and safe Finnish landscape? You can hear the singing birds, see green forests, smell it… and many other lovely things. Naturally, your kids can play, bike and run here without any traffic and noise. Here on the video you can see the environment with a high quality and spacious house. The whole home works well and there are four sleeping rooms, a big living room with nice and handy kitchen. The sauna is upstairs with a nice forest view. The house is a place with easy living!

The living room is a cosy one

We start the marketing on 7th August

We will start the marketing next Friday 7. August at 01.00 pm. You can visit virtually there by clicking www.facebook.com/auktori.

At first, we have a Finnish version and roughly at 01.15 pm we start the English presentation. Naturally, you can see everything afterwards as many times as you want.